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        January 14th, Oops [2]!

I don't know why but I just found this kind of funny, the modern Paine, common sense (caution, strong language)

This has to be the surest way in the book to earn a ticket. Run a police SUV off the road ... in front of the precinct.

You came out of nowhere officerw
More than a Brush

        January 8th, Back in the 313

A slightly late happy new year to everyone!

After spending a week walking (andy at BTT swears he could have fixed me up with a bike if I'd let him know ... damn!) the Traverse City Trails - VASA Tart Leelanau etc, I'm now back in Detroit. Not too much to show from the time spent in Traverse city, unfortunately. I may look through and try to rescue some shots, but it was mostly heavily overcast and I had some bad CCD crud that I eventually shifted with an eyeliner brush (we won't go into that buying experience). Mostly a week spent walking and swimming and sleeping.

So, now back to the D where things seem little changed. GM built this huge tent construction on the parking lot by the river. Completely huge and packed with lights and cars ... for one Auto Show party. Having taken a month or two to construct it was used for one night then taken down!

I'm posting the below to mark the launch of the new Detroit Midtown Flickr group.

Steam and drifters
Cass & Midtown

        December 25th, Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas to everyone from Traverse City in Michigan.
Peaceful and happy holidays.

Sneige ... I once knew a waitress with that name
The tree in the Hotel Lobby

        December 21 st, Holler Detroit

I had to post a note about this. Farlane over at Absolute Michigan (All Michigan all the time) has put together a fine collection of Detroit shots in conjunction with some great music from the Detroit Cobras to create a killer little video. The thing that gets me about it is I can recall when and by whom most of these shots were posted to Flickr. Great work Andy!

        December 10th [updated], Playing with Filters

OK. I know the RenCen gets rather over-exposed here, but here's a new one. Just playing around with lens filters (as opposed to PS filters). This one's for Shqipo - thanks for all the great tips - IR filter 87 (I couldn't get an 87b) heck of a lot of fun for B&W!

Unreal Detroit
As icy as it feels

Real Detroit
For comparison

        December 9th, A very little snow

The week has been cold due to a strong westerly wind more than it has been snow filled. However when the snow did come it came in a wallop that made the Thursday morning commute interesting. Starting in the early hours, the snow came down heavily till about 9am leaving a couple of inches in places. Still fine to bike through, but with limited visibility and cars slipping to a halt at lights it was ... interesting.

This was also the first time the new bike got a test in the snow. I've switched from my usual Trek mania to Specialized, a brand I've been impressed with as a hire bike. This new one is a cheap 2006 model hence the gears aren't as good as they could be, but it's light as a feather, well constructed and in this weeks snow, didn't even give a hint of traction-loss. A great bike.

Sneige ... I once knew a waitress with that name
Brush Park

Specialized Snow
The new bike getting its first taste of snow

Pink godsdamnit.  Pink snow
DBB ... hey! Snow shouldn't be pink!

        November 25th, Thanksgiving Parade

Whilst it was nowhere near as cold as last year (check the Nov 2005 archive), this year's Thanksgiving made up for it with a spot of dense mist. I arrived late having spent time at the RenCen and with a slightly shortened route the sidewalks were already completely packed. I finally managed to find a spot by Woodward and Congress, but only after getting the usual 'you can't stand here, move along' in a few other places.

Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
You gotta love a marching band

Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
Easy on the eye

Detroit Thanksgiving Parade

Detroit Thanksgiving Parade

Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
You the man!

Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
You the mouse!

Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
You the chief of police!

Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
Skitish ... decided to take a gallop down Woodward

Detroit Thanksgiving Parade
And then the mist rolled in ...

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