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        Feb 14th, Cycling Conditions

Currently sub-optimal..

Detroit snow bike
Call me a wuss ... but ...

Detroit snow car
... I wasn't the only one having fun

        Feb 13th, Detroit Winter Blast II

A last shot from this year's Winter Blast.

Ice Sculptures

        Feb 11th, Detroit Winter Blast

The Winter Blast was really the event created around the SuperBowl (as far as I know), it ran a year before SBXL as a testrun and worked exceptionally well both times. In 2005 it was cold and snowy as hell and for the superbowl is was unseasonably warm. But both worked well. This year was for me a little less positive. The same tents were there, but instead of being packed with Gee-Whiz features they were more like a church Jumble sale. The food was OK but sparse, the entertainment OK but also sparse and crowds mostly seemed to hang around the ice rink. Too many spots were just space-fillers this year and draped with the banners of last year. I hope it continues next year but perhaps with some more original themes. Anyhow, below are some shots from the event - most, even those falling on the rink - were having fun!

Dog Sledding - those puppies were really pulling

Ice Skating
The kids always love the ice

Ice Skating
The kids always love the ice - whatever happens

Detroit WinterBlast
The Soups here were fantastic

Toasting Marshmallows
But a few decided to cook for themselves

Detroit Winter Blast Music
There was great music! (Just tuning up here)

        Feb 4th Part 2, Watch this space

So with the temperature down to -19C I headed out into the strong wind to try and grab some video on the little P1 digicam. I've got it mounted on the bike handlebars. Two things happened. (1) The digicam froze and shut down (2) The bike froze (!) and refused to stay in gear. However I did manage to grab the dawn shot below of the river seeming to boil as the cruel wind whipped away its moisture. After thawing out the camera I did manage to grab 20 minutes of video of the ride through Downtown Detroit that I'll post here later if I can get it uploaded.

Icy Detroit River
A freezing Detroit Sunrise

        Feb 4th, Less than Zero

Temps are dropping past the zero point in F and with the windchill it's really starting to feel like winter. Just checking shows it's currently -17C out there with a windchill temperature of -29C. So I guess this would be a bad time to have a water main leak around (see below)! The people who will feel this the most are many of Detroit's estimated 15,000 homeless. The freep is reporting the shelters are now packed to capacity. While I'm not the most (or even the slightest bit) religious, I have to admire greatly the work done by the Salvation Army and smaller religious charities like Detroit's St Peter & Paul and the Solanas soup kitchen. Among the local homeless many of whom shelter in the former Detroit Dry Dock warehouse by Harbor Park, Oscar disappeared a month or so back saying he was heading for a shelter. Dave is still around, limping on his badly healed ankle the same daily route to find cans and bottles for recycling. I hope they manage to stay warm without burning the DDD down (as often happens to abandoned buildings) and find folk generous. That can be hard when the local security thugs take it upon themselves to pro-actively kick street folk out of their spots.

Ice Fishing weather
The River is Icing up solid

Hey Dude, where's my wheels?
What happens when a water pipe bursts near your car

Detroit Commerce Building
The last days of the Detroit Commerce Building

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