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        January 21st, A Taste of Winter

After months of dreary weather we're spending a few weeks in a more traditional Michigan winter scene. Temperatures well below freezing and snow on the way. Not that I'll like it for long but a bit of attitude to the weather will be briefly welcome. Harbor park has frozen over although not yet enough for ice fishing and if we hit the lows expected we should get a good bit of ice on the river.

After a visit to B3 (Bikes Blades and Boards) yesterday I'm stocked up on Triflow for the bike and managed to grab some thinsulate gloves from a hardware store whilst there. The last pair of inner gloves were left on the back seat of a taxi and join my collection of items left in taxis that include umbrellas, coats and most painful a digital camera (Fuji Finepix).

Morning at detroit's hartbor parl
Harbor Park gets its ice on

Geese getting iced
Geese don't seem to mind

Bike'in the snow
The bike still handling the snow (no rust yet)

        January 15th, IC !!

After a few months of non-Winter we look to be getting an icy blast from up North. If it hangs around long enough we may even have snow for the WinterBlast! For the last couple of days we've had superchilled rain falling that transforms into a sheet of ice on hitting a surface. Nowhere near as problematic as it has been in some places to the west of here but enough to make sidewalks and some roads interesting to navigate. In weather like this I find the solid traction of two good mountain bike wheels added to by a good bit of angular momentum make the bike much more solid than foot transport. Yesterday I was crossing the footbridge from eastern market over the highway towards gratiot when I spotted that under the wheels was pure ice. On the bike I hadn't noticed but when i got off and put my foot on it there was no way I could have walked over it! So here area few shots of around town taken Sunday in the ice-rain.

Eastern market ice
Water falls and instantly Ice coats a pipe in Eastern Market. Summer a long way off!

Elmwood cemetery
Ice coats the trees around elmwood lake

ice danger icestorm
This is the handrail of the footbridge by eastern market!

ice tree
Hanging from trees

ice color icicle
Hanging from every dripping surface

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