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        August 24th, Caveat Emptor

Sitting long term in a lot at the corner of Chene & ~Ferry with a price tag of $2,000 in the window. All questions of legitimacy aside, there are 4 bedroom homes in that part of town that won't pull that kind of money. But if wrecked fire trucks are your thing ...

Old fire truck for sale
Warp speed not guaranteed.

        August 21st, This is a man's world ... but

Kind of a strange mix, but well worth a look (you may need to allow permission for this site to play the video):

        August 19th, Downtown D, Bike Level

It's one of the best things about summer in Detroit, a slow Sunday morning with no-one else on the road. Hitting the streets just after dawn you can spend an hour or so biking around without seeing a another soul. Just the buildings gliding by and whatever track the iPod's playing at random. Here's how it looks ...

Biking Detroit
Starting out at Atwater around 5.45am, dropping briefly into Harbor Park to glance at the Bobblo Boat St Claire.

Biking Detroit
Then along Atwater past the new stores by the rencen, peeling back onto the Riverwalk to check out early morning river traffic.

Biking Detroit
A small bulk carrier makes its way up-river, the dawn light turning everything to rust.

Biking Detroit
Across Jefferson over onto Larned

Biking Detroit
Passing St Andrew's Hall & Brush heading towards downtown

Biking Detroit
Right onto Randolph

Biking Detroit
Then left onto Cadillac with the Penobscot looming in front and Campus Martius ahead.
OK - there's at least 2 people on sidewalks here ... but you get the picture.

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