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        May 23rd, Making the cut

I wasn't planning to post anything today but Andy over on Absolute Michigan was kind enough to mention us so I figured I should post something!

Flickr: One thing that's cool about the Flickr photo site is its sense of community. Not only virtual communities but groups of people who find each other through Flickr, decide to meet-up, and then go out shooting photos together. If you're reading this and aren't on Flickr I'd recommend the Exposure Detroit and AbsMich groups as starting points. One of the latest get togethers the ExpDet group organized was a walk along the dequindre cut. Closed for 10 years this abandoned rail cutting has become a graffiti haven with some amazing work that has been posted here before. The ExpDet group took some great shots, well worth exploring.

Now this is where things get interesting. The old rail line (still a few abandoned rail cars along the route) runs from midtown beneath and between the street structure to the river. It's now inhabited by a few folk who have built shacks and the graff community. But it could also serve as a great bike route between the river and midtown. Detroit has virtually no bike lanes and some of the things I've seen on Detroit streets make me wince (the guy with the 6ft plank stuck out of his trunk like a guillotine for example). While there are serious personal safety issues to be considered it's good to see that work has begun into converting this route into a non-vehicle corridor through the city.

So here are a few shots of recent and not-so recent material I just came across along the cut ...

Dequindre cut.  Space monkeys.  Chevrotlet.  Hey,  what's a space mokey?
Detroit Scribe Tribe
Space Monkey

detroit guns
Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and ...


dequindre detroit
Mixed messaging

Magic Detroit graffiti

tanks detroit
Ok. Just a lighter note to end on. Fort Wayne.

ps. Thanks to Shqip for mentioning this.

        May13th, Entropy happens...

... there are times the city seems to just run on it.

Maybe we've got it too easy here. In London a 10 mile drive from Buck Pal would take an ugly hour or so. In Paris the thought of taking lunch in the next city along would be un grand bÍte. But here I guess we think nothing to jumping a freeway and riding past 8 mile for dinner, lunch or just hitting a mall. I've done it often.

When heading out to Lansing I again realised how little Detroit sometimes feels like a city and how much more like a big town that Motors on and on and on. And rather than going on and on I'll end and just note the anti-shopping list of places that are no longer around, maybe because it was too easy to head out someplace:
  • The Meetery Eatery, Gerry and Sonja's place. Big loss.
  • Oslo, if there's another Sushi place downtown I missed it.
  • Jimmies, current count of downtown bike stores ... zilch
  • Karras Brothers, wish I knew more about this, Illya ran the friendliest bar in town.
...use it or lose it.

Woodward Detroit tag
Graff on Merchant's row, and windows blowing out. Entropy I tell ya...

silhouette detroit Brush park
Amidst the rejuvenating Brush Park a wave of silhouetting

Detroit Diary
Wasted years

Panhandling Detroit
Still working the old panhandle

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