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        May 27th, Bike News

Just some odds and ends. At long last we've another bikestore downtown! The Wheelhouse bike rental shop opened in April and is located by the Rivard Carousel on the Riverwalk. Judging by the number of Wheelhouse hire bikes riding between Belle Isle and the Ren, they look to be off to a good start. Their hires appear cheerful, sturdy and simple to ride single gears - but they do have a repair and tuning shop inside for anyone riding their own bikes - a small web site is here as well as a blog. Luck to all involved!!

Also the volunteer staffed Back Alley Bikes at MLK/Cass (3611 Cass) have extended their hours and may be expanding with the Hub open 10-6 M-Sa and 12-2 Su. This is all great news for anyone stuck with a bust rim downtown and little choice in the past but to head for the suburbs for repairs.

After nearly five years of biking around downtown I guess I've become used to seeing police cruisers driving the wrong way down one-way streets and through red lights. I'm not sure whether this is a Detroit thing, where I used to live it was rare to see a police driver do this, let alone without warning lights/sirens. But this is a difficult city and the police force has only recently been brought back towards its full strength.

Nonetheless keeping an eye out for DPD cars and avoiding them has always seemed sensible. Over the last weekend two of us were riding along Atwater and keeping well right on the road to allow a large SUV to pass. At this point near the Harbor the street is narrowed by parked cars for maybe a hundred yards opposite the park. The SUV was giving us a good space and we were comfortable with him passing us. Beyond the park a DPD vehicle was approaching. Not at speed. Just slowly cruising towards the parked cars that were on his side of the road. At this point a driver would generally slow or stop to let such a large SUV in a narrow space get by the line of parked cars.

This wasn't what happened. As he approached the parked cars the DPD driver suddenly took an assertive approach, hitting the throttle and taking the middle of the road barreling at a good speed directly at the SUV. The driver had no choice but to move away from the police car and towards us just making enough room for the police vehicle to squeeze by. A worrying experience as there is no way to get over the foot high curbs off the road at that point. The police driver at no time gave warning of his sudden decision to flatten the accelerator and take the middle of a narrow road. The only warning was a loud blast on his siren at the SUV as he passed which only made the driver swerve more towards us. This and other DPD incidents leave me shaking my head...

On a related note, Andy over at BTT recently pointed out The Ride of Silence.

Detroit Wheelhouse
Bikes for hire from the Detroit Wheelhouse (the WheelDetroit ?)

        May 11th, Spring in Detroit

Goslings and sunshine. Spring has finally hit.

Spring in Detroit
A blue sky over Hart Plaza

Spring in Detroit
Goslings arrive along the riverfront

Spring in Detroit
After the White Bass

Spring in Detroit
Blue Sky over the Ren

        April 28th, GOLD

It's about GOLD .... MOC&D


Cass Corridor

        April 27th, Small Stories

Just smalltalk from around the city...

detroit ruins
Another building on Franklin loses the battle with entropy

Andre the giant
A tiny sticker with a giant message

Detroit city
The workmen on the Dequindre bike route leave this tiny tag in place

        April 25th, RiverDays

Tis the season to grab a line and go hunting the white bass (much of which will end up in Eastern Market).

detroit riverdays
From dawn ...

detroit riverdays
the tiny boats swarm like midges over the river

detroit riverdays
& dozens of bikegroups (DetroitBikes here) head for the Belle Isle loop

detroit riverdays
Fishing boats range from the basic & practical to the

detroit riverdays
distinctly expensive

detroit riverdays
all of which provide some navigation issues for the bigger guys on the river

detroit riverdays
... till dusk

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