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        June 2nd, Pings & Wings

The NHL is sadly drawing its long post-season to a close. It's been a great season for the Wings again - hopefully one that will end the same way as last season. But little has been said over this side of the river of the success of the Spits. The Windsor Spitfires won the Ontario Hocket league and then went on to win the Memorial Cup making them the top young Hockey Team in Canada ( I only caught a few of their games as they're harder to catch online than the wings, but what I saw was a great team. Congrats spits, tet's go Redwings, whack some pings!

With ice hockey ending it's time for the cook-out season to really get into a swing...

2009 Detroit eastern markey BBQ cooking
Olympic class cooking going on over in Eastern Market

        May 26th, Juliet

Thanks to Rich Terfry for mentioning the link below in his radio show. Along with Joby Talbot's similarities it's generating a reflective mood today.

Royal Wood - Juliet

        May 25th, Post-War Dream

2009 Detroit Oh Maggie. rememberance

        May 24th, A fine and fancy ramble

Five years in Detroit and until this weekend I'd never been into the zoo. Ridden past it many times, checked the water tower weekly for the name of the current mayor, but never been in.

OK - so put a check mark next to the zoo ...

2009 Detroit Zoo

2009 Detroit Zoo
Polar critter

2009 Detroit Zoo
Homo Aquarius atque Criterenserius

2009 Detroit Zoo
One serious critter

2009 Detroit Zoo

2009 Detroit Zoo
Cute Critter - keep away from Michaelle Jean

2009 Detroit Zoo
Nope - critter with fast food

2009 Detroit Zoo
Whoa ... weird critter ... Lemuriforme Urbem Consilium

        April 10th, Opening Day

Great to have the Tigers playing again. The opening weekend in Comerica was a little cold but great fun.

2009 Detroit Tigers opening day
Let's hope the tiger roars this season!

2009 Detroit Tigers opening day
The ball park fills but was not full all weekend

2009 Detroit Tigers opening day
An oh-so-brief fly by from jets who looked like
they then headed off to Harrison NG air base

2009 Detroit Tigers opening day
Ready for the first ball...

2009 Detroit Tigers opening day

2009 Detroit Tigers opening day

2009 Detroit Tigers opening day

2009 Detroit Tigers opening day

2009 Detroit Tigers opening day
A great series against Texas restored some faith after the first series
loss to the Jays.

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