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        November 6th, Somebody wake up Hicks

There's something about graffiti art ... there's something about the abandoned rail line that runs up from the river through midtown towards Hammtramck. In both cases that something is probably danger. Not intense, walking down Mack at 2am waving an iPod danger, but certainly the sense that this is not the best place to be alone with a couple of Nikon cameras and a bike that's about as much use as an anchor due to the deep shingle. Still here we go, just a few shots from along the route, I've got a bunch more but they're mostly just tag - although there's some unusual Rodeo and of course great DeakKrakEd in amongst it.

[nb this is just reporting what I see - had & claim no creative input here]

CCS is just around the corner
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PLay nicely kids
It's just like in the comic books. Honest.

PLay nicely kids
Gotta love the D

PLay nicely kids
Time to lighten up with some zombie action

PLay nicely kids
When the man speaks

        October 30th, Detroit-Windsor Marathon

I guess a good few of us were down-up over the Tigers. Down that they lost the World Series, but up over a terrific season. So, with the schedule free what better way to clear the air than with the good 'ol Detroit Windsor Marathon.

Scheduled for the day that the clocks went back this presented many an opportunity for making friends ('hey, do you have the correct time? 5.15? No way, really, I make it 7.15. Which way did you change your clock'). The morning was particularly cold with ice causing a good few problems on the dark sidewalks. Add to this a strong and freezing wind destined to hit runners most in the final miles and this was set to be one cold hard race.

Detroit Windsor Marathon
The only watch that countsis on the starter's wrist

Detroit Windsor Marathon
D.d.d.d.amned cold

Detroit Windsor Marathon
All Detoit Events start with a police parade

Detroit Windsor Marathon
Turned the corner off Washington and streaming down Michigan

Detroit Windsor Marathon
A small but enthusiastic crowd

Detroit Windsor Marathon
Corktown, one of many bands providing support

Detroit Windsor Marathon
Turning the Michigan mile down towards MexicanTown

Detroit Windsor Marathon
Mile 2 .. peeling off layers and turning towards the Bridge

Detroit Windsor Marathon
Runners stream across the bridge as fire boats provide a salute

Oh Canada, Detroit Windsor Marathon
"We're metric here, you're now running 60% faster & have free HealthCare" [Freep]

Detroit Windsor Marathon
Setting the pace

        October 29th, Thanks for A Terrific Season

This is the final shot from the webcam in my office (see resent posts) that I put up to follow the Tigers games. This now turns out to be the last shot of the last game playied by the Tigers at Comerica in the 2006 (post) season.

Detroit Tigers webcam Comerica Park
The lamps are going out all over Comerica

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