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        October 20th, Fighting the wind

Spent some of the morning exploring the "second cut", ie the disused railway cutting on the west side that used to run down to what is now the salvation army depot. Some interesting stuff down there though not up to that generated in the Dequindre Cut. If anything comes out I'll post it over in the street art section.

Other than the usual flying greeting to the BTT crew who looked to be heading towards Mexi for breakfast, the most notable thing about today's treck around the west side was the pain in the ass wind. A really stiff breeze pushing from the south west. A remnant of the storm system that swept through Michigan early in the week. I really hope it calms a bit as the effect it will have on tomorrow's Detroit marathon runners could rival Chicago's heat. The last gruelling leg will be thre miles or so directly into that wind. Good luck to everyone running the full and half courses!

Detroit Renaissance Center Riverwalk fountain
Wind whips along the exposed riverwalk

        October 16th, The Obligatory Halloween Shot

Setting up for Angels Night on Forest & Chene. Ok, true, strictly more harvest festival than halloween, but imagine bumping into this guy at 2am on a foggy autumn night. Yikes.

Detroit halloween

        October 15th, The Obligatory Fall Shot

From Belle Isle where the ground frosts over the weekend have started the trees turning.

Detroit tree autumn fall
Beneath a big blue Michigan sky

        October 13th, RiverWalk East

Between the RC and the Carousel at Rivard there's hardly space to swing a bat without hitting into a lawsuit. But the east section between Jos Campau and Mt Elliot is still quiet and little explored. The combination of Omni, GM, RiverPlace and RiverWalk security make it one of the safest places Downtown to take an early morning walk. The quiet, the lights and the river make for a peaceful start to the day. Here's hoping the council come to a positive decision on extending the Harbor Park lease to the state, they do a great job (in the summer).

Detroit riverwalk omni hotel GM
Omni hotel looks over the river to Canada

Detroit riverwalk omni GM
About a mile of empty riverfront

        October 10th, The Carlton Residence

Better known until recently as the crack flophouse Eddystone. Seventy years previously the Eddystone and its neighbor the Harbor light were part of the swankyest avenue Detroit had to show. And Detroit had some serious swank back in the day. But now the building hilights the tension between the Brush/Cass Park of five years ago that lingers to the west of woodward and the almost completely transformed neighborhood to the east.

Detroit hotel eddystone
The Eddystone still totters on the brink of refurbishment
Move in now? Seriously??!

        October 7th, River Mist

Detroit river, belle isle
Belle Isle fades into view out of a lite river mist

        October 6th, Ukulele Assault II

Ok, they're back, with tongues still firmly in cheek ...
What's not to like in that steel Ukulele sound ;-)
These guys were at this years Detroit Arts fest & they better be back next year!

        October 7th, Sunday AM

A Sunday morning 5am fire alarm complete with the DFD created a kind of blitz spirit block party outside of Riverplace. The only thing missing was smoke, or indeed any sign of fire.

On the bright side, it turned out to be a beautiful morning to be up and around early. The trees know its autumn, the critters are gathering nuts for the winter. Only the weatherman seems to think it's still mid-August. High 80s today.

Detroit river, belle isle
From Chene Park over towards Windsor

        October 4th, Instant Classic

This rocks. Marvel at the British Ukulele Orchestra as with style, enthusiasm and Ukuleles they murder Nirvana's teen spirit.
Spin Kurt, spin ...

(Damn, that song actually has words)

        October 2nd, Tourist Trap. Tourists trapped?

The first official guided tour of the cut? Everybody pair up, hold hands, have your parents' permission slips out for inspection.

Detroit, dequindre cut
Described as a robust nature walk ...

Detroit, dequindre cut
Sure we'll open the gates again later ...

        September 29th, DTW-SFO-DTW

Where's My Gangstas And All My Thugs
Throw Them Hands Up And Show Some Love
And I Welcome You To Detroit City
I Said Welcome To Detroit City

Remain in Detroit for long enough and your feet will start to root. The soul feeds on all things Detroit from hiphop to graf. Kwame morphs into this kick-ass slick political leader, the city council appear a venerable group of citizens and why in hell would CNN want to run stories on those national league teams when there's the Tigers to talk up? Detroit grows on you all right and perspective proportionately shrinks.

Long and short, sometimes it's good to get out of the city and let the brain breathe some weed-free air. This week it was a breath of sea air. A three day trip to the city on the Bay. San Francisco for me comes second only to Boston. It has it all, sea, beaches, bridges, prisons, people, history, earthquakes, music, art, streetcars, people, sea lions, the caltrain, hills, Lombard street, people, people, people. Wow. And if you ever get homesick you can turn left going down market street and zap, be instantly transported back to the corner of Mack and Bewick. What's not to love in a city like that?

Well I guess a couple of things spring to mind. The five hour flight isn't so hot, there's the three hour time difference, earthquakes, sky high prices, people, tourist traps, fog, people, the caltrain, people, people, people. So you get the picture. Here's my recommendation, stay in Palo Alto/Los Altos. In fact I'll be even more specific. Stay at Dinah's Garden Hotel. Get up before dawn (ok the 3 hour time difference does have its benefits). Bike up into the Los Altos hills, take in the smells of warm pine and pacific coast flowers. Then return to a low rise hotel designed as a garden of Carp ponds, swimming pools and beautiful fountains. Check out the stores along University avenue, hit up the architecture of Stanford. And only then head into SanFran itself. That's just my 5c on how to enjoy San Francisco without blowing a ton of money and how to savour one of the greatest cities on the planet without letting it drive you nuts.

But now I'm back in the D, and for all my love of San Francisco, I'm glad to be home though with a bit more perspective. Kwame's in court again. What the frell are the city council up to now?! Oh, and good luck to the Red Sox. On a final note.

Congratulations Motor. Way to go making the uniform!

Dinahs garden hotel, palo alto
Dinah's Garden Hotel

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