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        September 11th, Lofts lofts lofts

The completion of much of the Eastside Riverwalk spurs yet more loft/condo building activity. Between the Ren and RiverPlace three large projects look set to kick off. Two on the river on the site of old cement works and one that will seek to convert a UE favorite, the former Detroit Dry Dock, perhaps saving the structure at the last minute. With a failing roof and more recently cars being torched in its cavenous interior this is the last of what was once a whole block of vacated ruinous warehouses. And yet with all the good there's still the question. Who'se buying these things? With every other empty building in the downtown-midtwon area being converted and Michigan's housing market in free-fall I'm still baffled at the prices being asked for these conversions.

tractor, east side, duotone sepia, Detroit
An ancient tractor clears the lot next to the DDD

        September 7th, History Repeats Itself

Had this song going around in my head all morning. Kind of becomes hypnotic after a while.

A.O.S (Track 14)


        September 4th, Belle Isle Grand Prix

What a weekend! Festivals and events I can't even count. The Jazz fest downtown, Chene Park's end of season legend's gig with Snoop Dog, Polish Fest, and best of all the return of Indie Racing to Belle Isle. The city and folks behind the Belle isle Grand Prix did one hell of a number on the place. I know BI backwards but was nonetheless completely lost at times in the network of pavilions, stands and bridges built around the course. A few shots from Sunday morning practice ...

belle isle grand prix, indie racing, Detroit
It may not be F1 but it sure as hell is cool

belle isle grand prix, indie racing, Detroit
Catching the early practice, general admission to grandstands
and great views.

belle isle grand prix, indie racing, Detroit
The rule in practice is 'feel the track but don't break the cars'
Uh oh ... two drivers found the wall. A telling prelude to the race.

belle isle grand prix, indie racing, Detroit
Fast, loud and cool as damnit

belle isle grand prix, indie racing, Detroit
Not all the comers were this forgiving

belle isle grand prix, indie racing, Detroit
Add to the mix some Detroit Sunday morning Gospel for a fantastic day

        September 1st, Stencil Tag

Appears to be gaining momentum around town. Generally more political than ego-tag or art-graf there's quite a bit around the Brush-Eastern Market area.

silhouette stencil tag, Detroit
Art Vandalism @St Aubin house

        August 27th, Motor City Muscle

Not really my scene but UrbanTiki had a show and these aren't to be missed. Motor city muscle is Detroit's annual Muscle-Car event, but for me it's the older classics that have all the style. Click below for larger images of some classics...

Motor City Muscle, Detroit
I've no idea what model this baby was, but if HR Geiger designed cars they'd look like this.
(note to self ... check if HR Geiger ever designed cars!)

Motor City Muscle, Detroit
Not all the chrome was travelling on 4 wheels

Motor City Muscle, Detroit
Like I say, for me it's the classics.

        August 24th-25th, Perfect Storm

It was a night that saw tornadoes touch down repeatedly in the counties around Detroit. A night that saw flooding in the underpasses shut down most of Detroit's freeways, stranding motorists trying to get home for the weekend. It was a night when the storm rains blew out the manhole covers along whole streets and lightning hit just about every flagpole and antenna in the city. It was a late late night that saw the Tigers beat the Yankees 9-6 in Tiger stadium at 3.30am in the morning thanks to a 3 run homer from Carlos in the 11th. Long and short, it was one hell of a night. More pictures here.

August 24th storm Detroit
The weather front piles into downtown

        August 24th, TOUR DE TROIT 2007

We're now under a month away from the 6th running of Detroit's biggest annual bike fest, the tour. A sedate but nonetheless 40 mile+ tour around downtown and the near east & west sides. Bikes come in from across Michigan and beyond making for a large and friendly crowd. This link has more info and discussion, while BTT's chat room is the place to volunteer support.

Biking Detroit
Whatever the weather!

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