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        September 2008, Written on the wall...

One less kwame in Detroit
Good luck to Ken and his team.

One less kwame in Detroit
Sending a message

        August 17th, Cruising

There are some events that I manage to make almost every year and some I almost always miss. This was the first year I made the Woodward Dream Cruise. Maybe because it ends up at 8 mile and August is a hot month to drag a bag of camera kit up along the Woodward corridor, or more likely I just don't really get into the car scene as much as I should. Anyway this year we decided to try and hit at least the Ferndale end of the cruise.

While the cruise itself was a lot of fun - it's almost unbelievable how much car bling this city has - it was the trip there and back that reminded me that for all its burnout the east side hasn't really got anything on the Highland Park-Detroit border. Biking up second from the New Center to Palmer Park and then back down third, a trip I used to make every other week, was unusually depressing. Even the Boston Edison district feels under threat from the creeping decay, placing in context all that has been done for downtown. Burnout, empty lots, trash in the street, threatening messages daubed on empty properties just add to a sense of decay and threat.

While many of the houses lacked windows or porches, the cars parked outside were often gleaming and spotless!

Detroit Dream cruise 2008
Holy humongous gas bill batman

Detroit Dream cruise 2008
Motorheads from Michigan and beyond cruise Woodward

Detroit Dream cruise 2008
Classic, contemporary and just plain quirky

Detroit Dream cruise 2008
Mean lean pulling machine

Detroit Dream cruise 2008
Classic lines

Detroit Dream cruise 2008
Chrome and engines

Detroit Dream cruise 2008
Heads up!

Detroit Dream cruise 2008

Detroit Dream cruise 2008
Showing off the eight-pack

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