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        December 25th, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE

Joyeux Noel to all, we've some cold unseasonal rain here, but this makes staying inside in front of a warm Pandora even more pleasant.

After almost six years of living in downtown Detroit it's almost time to move on. Exciting opportunities await in Montreal and the paperwork is now approved, so within the month Detroit will be a place of fond memories. I'll be sad to leave, Detroit's a unique place and one I've grown to like a hell of a lot. But I hope to be back fairly regularly. This blog, irregular as it has become will be replaced by something new and spanglier, and possibly a little lighter. If you dropped by occasionally for news from downtown Detroit, may I suggest Detroit Blog (the one the only and by far and away still the best), Detroit Funk (all the pics all the time), Lastblogstanding (actually based in a city called Dankston, that just resembles a place in Michigan). Those have at least been some of my favorites. I'd also have mentioned Motor's South of 8 Mile blog, but this came to an end a year or so back, something that still causes sadness. For biking news in the Detroit area the links on the right should still work - Beat The Train in Detroit and MMBA are probably the best starting points.

Ok. Enough reminiscing. Here's to a great 2010 everyone!

        December 5th, A difference of opinion

Personally I'd reserve the term 'Detroit's Finest' for the guys and girls who run into Detroit's burning buildings.

2009 detroit DPD DPOA
Protect whom?

2009 detroit DPD DPOA
The building next door is graffiti'd with a different opinion,
possibly one closer to the Federal government's view.

        December 4th, William G Milliken State Park & Harbor

Farewell then Tricentennial Harbor Park, now expanded to the edge of the riverwalk through the former LaFarge terminal per its original plan. I'm slightly sad to see the name change although I imagine that to most of us it will remain simply Harbor Park.

2009 detroit William G Milliken state park and harbor
The central water feature commemorates the work of Peter Wetherill Stroh

2009 detroit harbor park
Wetlands with a water system with natural marsh plants should
bring nature into the city ... umm ... even more into the city.

        December 2nd, Anthems

With the soccer world cup due to set South Africa ablaze in 2010 it's interesting to contrast the anthems of the recent Rugby world cup with that of the Soccer world cup (K'naan is incidentally a Canadian artist).

Soccer 2010

Rugby World Cup (fuller video version here)

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