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        November 30th, Detroit Segway

Now this is one strange thing - not least because of the quality of the road surfaces in the downtown area - but we now have segway tours of the city (link). On the bright side on smoggy autumn days it's probably a healthier alternative to jogging or driving.

2009 detroit smog
Mmm ... pm10s ...

2009 detroit segway tours
Rock and roll

        November 26th, Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving everyone. Turkey, vegetables and Ice Cider from Quebec. Wake me up on Monday!

2009 Quebec Ice Cider
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

        November 25th, Seeing Reds

Red dawn continues to film downtown, even while they pull down the lafayette building (couldn't they find some Canadian to pay 50 bucks for it?!) to make way for a much needed vacant lot. Looking forward to seeing the CGI on that one.

2009 red dawn detroit
Waiter, there's some crap in my Coney, oh wait ...

2009 red dawn detroit
Evans is really bringing things around.

        November 10th, Edmund Fitzgerald Anniversary

        November 9th, Autumn @ Livingston Light

After the fog partially lifted yesterday we spent a few hours roaming around an almost empty Belle Isle then up through the equally empty east side.

A personal thanks today to Tom Allen. Tom - for all your early mornings, thanks, much appreciated.

2009 detroit william livingston lighthouse belle isle
William Livinston Light on a misty autumn morning

        November 8th, Fogbound

An autumn fog moved around the area this morning leaving just the immediate downtown area mist free with the surrounding areas having visibility down to zero.

In the house the healthcare bill looks like passing - while there are always nanny state bureaucracy dangers - this has to be the right way forward for the US. The recent financial crises brought home just how easy it is for any family to suddenly find itself in a difficult situation without any health cover. Of course that message has been around for a while.

2009 detroit river fog
Belle Isle in the mist

        October 24th, Out of town

A busy month, with a good deal of it spent out of town on business and up at TC for a vaccation. Hence the lack of posts.

TC was a blast as always - we have some video of biking the penninsula route up to Old Mission Point here. Shot from a beautiful little IPod Nano (v. 2009) we picked up last month.

2009 traverse city
Fall Fruit - the staple of TC

2009 traverse city
A lake trout swims up the fish ladder on the Boardman River

2009 traverse city
Grand Traverse Commons, the old asylum with sections converted into
fashionable shops and condos

2009 traverse city
Lake Mich on a calm morning (Nano vid here)

2009 providence rhode island
Providence Rhode Island, looks like a nice place.
All I saw was the hotel and conference center.

        September 19th, TDD 2009

Having only just missed being slimed by a driver running a red light I arrived at Corktown a little later than I'd hoped for. So little time to mingle and get the feel of the day. But I was in time to grab a few shots of the start of this great annual event.

2009 Tour de Troit Detroit bike tour
Just off from the start 30+miles to go

2009 Tour de Troit Detroit bike tour
First corner by the last tooth of old tiger stadium

2009 Tour de Troit Detroit bike tour
Nice bikes!

2009 Tour de Troit Detroit bike tour
A steady, mixed ride. No racing the police bikes please...

2009 Tour de Troit Detroit bike tour

        September 17th, Thanks Ernie

Still the only announcer in baseball history to be traded for a player, last night saw an emotional but dignified salute to Ernie Harwell at the Tigers. Here's to many more days of walking and talking Ernie!

The evening was also memorable for a tribute flyby by a flying fortress.

2009 Nikon D5000 flying fortress
From Clo's Nikon D5000 with its 200mm vibration
reduction lens.

2009 Nikon D5000 flying fortress
From my Nikon D300 with a standard
300mm lens.

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