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US National Weather Service Overview (Current)

Jetplan IR Satellite + Lightning
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NOAA Visible & Infrared Satellites (update every ~4 hours)

Daily Solar Weather (NASA/ESA SOHO observatory) - animate (slow to load)
& Aurora (NOAA)

See also Mars Daily Weather, Mars Global 2012

Latest Tectonic Data from Natural Resources Canada
All that rumbles is not thunder...

"Wikipedia says of Ontario's weather ""The climate of Ontario varies largely from season to season and from one location to another. The climate of Ontario is affected by 3 air sources: cold, dry and arctic air from the north (dominant factor during the winter months, and for a longer part of the year in far northern Ontrio); Pacific polar air crossing in from the western Canadian Prairies/US Northern Plains and warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. The effects of these major air masses on temperature and precipitation depend mainly on latitude, proximity to major bodies of water and to a small extent, terrain relief. In general, most of Ontario's climate is classified as humid continental."""

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